Perfect Moments 

“Everything won’t always end up being perfect. That’s just not how life works. But there are perfect moments, and that’s what you live for.”
He wasn’t perfect for me, but he made me laugh. One of my favorite moments with him was at a local water park. While waiting for our friends, we sat on a bench. It was that awkward part in a budding friendship. You don’t know each other very well, but you somehow find yourself alone. This could be completely awkward, or totally normal, and therefore being a huge moment for us. There was a bird, and sun. The words said have faded, but the laughter has not. We laughed about nothing, we laughed at each other. We just laughed. They thought we were crazy, but we weren’t. We were just connecting. From that moment on, I knew you’d be the one to make me laugh, even though I didn’t want to. 
He wasn’t perfect for me, but he pushed me. Of course not physically, but being a Disney girl, there were of course rides I avoided. Rides that he enjoyed. Rides that I now go on all the time whether he’s there or not. He broke that ice, and although that drop isnt always satifactual, I know I’ll live. 

He wasn’t perfect for me, but he’s genuine and real. Like clearly he’s a real human being and I’m not making that up, I see him at least once a week, he’s real. But more than that he’s a real person. With hurts and a story. He’s more than just a glorified prize on a pedestal I could never reach. Instead he was my level, never making me feel bad about who I was or where I’d been. Or my past hurts or lack of good coping skills. Although I know he doesn’t know what to say when I tell him about my depression, he at least listens and that is more than enough for me. 

He wasn’t perfect for me, but he taught me compromise in competition. I know if he reads this, and hasn’t figured out by now that he is the him I’m talking about, he will now. There are certain people in life you just have to argue with. When it comes to particular arcade rides at Disney, we almost always argue. Two competitive spirits in one car trying to vie for the top spot can get messy. But he taught me, you don’t always have to be right. You don’t always have to win. You sometimes have to argue, but you don’t always have to come out on top. 

Quotes are funny. You sometimes find one on accident, and realize how perfect they are for current events in your life. This one fit mine to the t. I started out this past summer thinking this person, this one guy would be my one. That we could give each other the gifts of compassion, empathy, joy, sympathy, company, time, effort, and love that come with a true relationship with one another. But that didn’t work out. Because we aren’t perfect for each other, because there’s no such thing as perfection found through people on this screwed up earth. However, there are perfect moments, like when you get chosen as a background actor in the Indiana Jones show, or lie on the beach in the sand just getting to know each other, or seeing Space Mountain with the lights on. These are the moments I live for. And this summer, a lot of them included him… Included you. And I’m ever so grateful for that.

He wasn’t perfect for me, but he’s part of my perfect moments. 

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