Pain is everywhere 

Charlie: There is so much pain. And I-I-I don’t know how to not notice it.
Dr. Burton: What’s hurting you?Charlie: No, not… not me. It’s them! It’s… it’s everyone. It never stops. Do you understand?

I want to be a social worker when I grow up. Those words never left my mouth as a kid, however, teacher, doctor, nurse, and dishwasher (yes the appliance) did. As you can gather, there is a theme  going with these professions.  I am going to be a social worker a year from now, and that scares me. That’s probably because I feel the pain of others and don’t know how to stop it. I’d much rather face the hurt in others, and the hurt in myself. Feelings are scary. How can I help people if I don’t understand mine. Right? I guess it’s time to give myself permission; to turn it off and feel what’s inside. To know that in my profession there’ll be people will hurt and I will do everything in my power to stop it. But that may not be enough. And that’s OK. Because I’m here to help them with their burdens , not to take them on. 

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