❤️ Proverbs 4:23 ❤️


I’d like to think that I’m self aware. I know that I’m one to love and love hard. I’ve been that way since I was 3. As the years passed by, I became harder on myself and stuck to my list … Or at least tried to. The list is just that, a list of attributed that I want to find in not only a boyfriend, but in my future husband.
Now this list is personal so don’t expect me to post it anytime soon, but it is in no way superficial. And for the first time since I made the first draft of my list, I feel like I’ve found someone that has these traits. He has the things that currently at age 20 I want in a lifelong partner.
All of this is terrifying. Being in love is terrifying. I mean, how can you even tell if it is love? Is there a test? Could you let me know? I’d rather find an exit strategy than a way to find out how he feels about me at least that way I’m able to better protect my heart, and that’s the most important part, as awesome as love is.
There’s a reason I had Proverbs 4:23 inscribed in my class ring in high school.

Guard your heart above all else, for it is the wellspring of life.

As much as I have always loved love, it’s more important to keep your heart safe.


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