Never Been Hurt

I decided to do a music challenge. I have made a writing playlist and hit shuffle. I do not know what will be played next, but I promise to write whatever comes to mind as I become inspired. Attached is the name of the song that leads to a video of the song that you should listen to while reading.

Never Been Hurt-Demi Lovato

There is so much more to me than my past pains. My heart has been through so much that it’s scarred and calloused like the feet of children who play barefoot on hard rocky ground. The funny thing is, that even though all of this has happened, I still manage to love the next one more than he apparently loves me. I give so much of myself so dangerously. Without thinking of the consequences that could take place while I allow this new person into my heart to take the place of the old one. This all ends up putting in a worse place than I was before. But I never seem to realize or worry about that. I guess I’m so willing to give of myself. I put all of my eggs in one basket. I bet it all on the big one. I love like I’ve Never Been Hurt.

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