Two Pieces

I decided to do a music challenge. I have made a writing playlist and hit shuffle. I do not know what will be played next, but I promise to write whatever comes to mind as I become inspired. Attached is the name of the song that leads to a video of the song that you should listen to while reading.

Two Pieces- Demi Lovato

There is someone for everyone. I thoroughly believe this. Sometimes that person is in the last place you’d look. I think every heart is broken up between two people who are truly meant to be. Neither will be complete until the connection between these two is restored. Until they are are reunited. Hence the term soul mates. I don’t know which way to go. I have no direction as to where my soul mate is, who is holding the other half of this broken heart. I have no coordinates to go by other than toward school. Maybe I’ll find my other/ fellow piece in nursing school.

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