Catch Me When I Fall

I decided to do a music challenge. I have made a writing playlist and hit shuffle. I do not know what will be played next, but I promise to write whatever comes to mind as I become inspired. Attached is the name of the song that leads to a video of the song that you should listen to while reading.


Seriously best friends for life.

Catch Me When I Fall- Ashlee Simpson


Best friends are everything to me. Without Kristen , I don’t know if I would’ve even survived high school. We’ve been friends for about 7 years now and for every one thing we don’t have in common, we have about 8 more that we do. Like our love of Disney, the old episodes of Glee, Harry Potter, writing, and above all else God. She’s the person I stay up planning my future wedding with, since she will one day be a Disney wedding planner. I know that no matter how long we go without talking, and even though college tried to pull us apart my placing us in two very separate cities and in two very different schools, our friendship is far too strong for that. She’s joining me in Orlando for a semester for the college program.  I don’t think I could love this girl any more than I do. Especially as an only child, it’s hard always being alone. When this stunning girl walked into my life, I didn’t realize that sister I was getting. But it’s great to know that no matter what, in the same way I am there for her, I  know that Kristen will be the one to catch me when I fall.


The Rachel to my Mercedes.

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