Heartbreak hotel…


You can’t let someone or a relationship define you. You can’t let a hurt heart take over the true person you are. I had my heart hurt today. It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t have feelings for me. I can’t blame him for the disappointment I’m feeling. It just means I’m back to the list making of what I’m desiring in a husband and partner for life. It’s funny how in 12 hours I could go from singing “I Think I Love You” to “Don’t Speak” and how fast my emotions changed in that time too.
Just because you can see a future with someone doesn’t mean that they see the same. I had my first taste of this lesson when I was 15. The good news, guys are better at responding to unrequited love at 22 than they are at 16. The bad news, it still hurts just the same.
There isn’t a cure for the pain or the tears. But you also can’t let it deter and stunt your growth. Remember that you are bigger than this rejection, stronger than this pain, and braver that you were yesterday. With these encouraging words, and even more encouraging friends, this too shall pass, the pain will become minimal, and I’ll survive.


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2 Responses to Heartbreak hotel…

  1. lula avila says:

    I’m going through pretty much the same, as you say is not the other persons fault if they don’t develop any feelings for us, in the end is only our own expectations that crush us. Hope you feel better soon.

    • I’m sorry you are experiencing this excruciating pain. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But know that this only means that someone better is out there for you.

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