Lessons learned through loss


Life is such a strange thing. Death is even stranger. Today I found out I lost a current professor in a car accident Monday night. I’ve had about 12 hours to try and process this freaky sudden loss, but I can’t seem to. It’s eerie how someone whose voice you heard yesterday is now gone, never to say new words again. I’m so not trying to get creepy morbid on you. I’m just reflecting. The following are things that I’ve learned throughout today from Dr.Safranek’s passing:
1): Live each day to the fullest
2): never leave things unsaid, always share how you feel in some sort of way
3): never hold back, because who knows when you’ll get another chance to tell that guy you love him
4): always say I love you

Dr.Safranek will be dearly missed at UCF. May we all take his sudden passing and learn something. Rest in peace professor.


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