She keeps me warm…


Most people know this hook from the song Same Love. But when I hear this song I imagine my first date. We would be sitting across each other. Just us two. Getting to know our deepest thoughts and simplest dreams. Talking about our past, present, and hopes for the future. The warmth Mary talks about, is the feeling of closeness and love we will eventually have for each other. He will love and accept me for my scars, both mental and physical. He would understand that my depression is not me, and I am not my depression. We will support each other through both the good and bad. Most hear this and think marriage. I may only be 20, but I know what I want in life. I consider dating to be something that leads to marriage with that person. My first boyfriend will hopefully be my last. My first husband will definitely be my only one. His love will be patient and kind. He won’t let me change, even if I want to. He’ll keep me warm.

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