What is love?


Today heard Lea Michele’s new song for the first time. It made me think, because if anyone knew about love and love lost, it’d be her. I wish there was a gauge on love. Something to tell me that guy number one was a jerk, guy number two picks his nose… and eats it, and number three is a holier than now loser.
I just want something that lets me know if my efforts and time are being wasted. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and once again I’ll be finding myself celebrating singles awareness day. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Especially when I think back to when I was in grade school. I spent all my time fawning over some boy who, at that age had no idea I even existed, let alone how I felt.
Once in my life I like to be whisked away by someone who truly loves me. But what is love? Does anyone know how, how I can know how he feels. Should I be a progressive 21st-century woman and take control of my love-life? “Tell him that I’m never going to leave him that I’m always going to love him. ” Maybe I’ll get an epiphany when my true love does come. Until then, like Lea, I’ll just keep asking myself, what is love?

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